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Feedback from the Past:

Our Participants Tell Us:

"Reg has extensive knowledge of mineralisation, Australian rock formation, alluvial movement of gold and reef formations. His description and explanation of surface rock formation gives you a perspective on where to look for gold."

Paul from Lobethal, SA

"Reg knows his stuff, knows what he is talking about, like what rocks are made of. He teaches you what to look for before you go out I remember the rule - "if in doubt, dig it out". Setting up the machine and how to identify what the signals are was the most helpful part."

Frank from Little Hampton, SA 

"Hanging on every word. Reg calls a spade a spade and is down to earth. Love listening to his stories, heaps of fun. Will go back for more?"

Lyn from Geelong, Victoria

"It was wonderful to prospect with Reg again after so many years. Reg would have to be the best of the first generation of detector operators, whose alluvial knowledge of geology and ability to read landscape is unsurpassed by anybody".

James Beatty, NSW

"It was a great day out for a learner. I gained knowledge on rock, gold and reef formation. Reg was friendly and relaxed. Highly recommended day out"

Tim Birkett, Ballarat.

"Thank you, Reg for showing us the ropes when we visited after Easter. We had one of the best days learning that either of us can remember and great fun! We also learned the hard lesson that if gold was easy to find, everyone would own a state of the art detector and you could not find a square metre of quiet, undisturbed bush. So, no gold but plenty to help us next time we head out looking.

Both of us were really impressed with your mapping system and the hours of work you do to keep it up to date. We also really appreciated you sharing your knowledge of geology and we can now make much better choices at least giving ourselves a chance of finding something. We also understand the big difference between prospecting and fossicking and how much work goes into those lucky finds that you prospectors make. It really is a full time job!

Thanks so much for the warm welcome, the stories and the advice and for letting absolute novices loose with such extraordinary equipment. We felt like we got a special peek inside a colourful and eventful life built on persistence, a sense of humour and hard work.

We are really pleased to recommend Digger Downunder to our family and friends and we hope to plan another expedition next year."

Pat O'Connell & Jeff Walsh, Frankston

This morning I picked up my QED from Reg Wilson, what a fantastic experience. Reg is not just a down to earth nice bloke, he is a mountain of knowledge. After almost a couple of hours of talking (more like listening to Reg), I came away with so much information that will greatly assist me in the future. I’m new to prospecting but have been detecting with coin and relic machines for more then 20 years. In the past when purchasing, lets say more known brands of machines, in most cases it feels like "got your money see you later". My experience this morning will stay with me, thankyou Reg. As we are full-time nomads heading through Vic, SA, WA etc., I will post finds on our journey.

Wayne Brennan

Thank you both for your hospitality.

I really appreciated all the hard won information Reg was happy to share.

Looking forward to getting the detector out in the bush

Tim James

Big thanks to Reg for getting up early to hand over my new QED PL3 with "10 X-Coil, As well as the detector, the years of knowledge and experience Reg makes freely available is an awesome accessory and bonus. And so my hunt for color begins.......

David Dewey, 16 June 2020